Make the Switch to Paws Balance Human Grade Food 

"Yourself don't eat junk food everyday, but why you give them to your fur kids? "
Kibble isn't a species appropriate diet since it is highly processed, high in carbohydrates and low in good protein. The source of ingredient also causes concern. The 2007 recall killed thousands of pets and consumers began to question pet food.
A species appropriate diet for fur kids should always be balanced and fresh with real meats, organs, nuts, vegetables and fruits.   

If the brand you use now is not as transparent as Paws Balance Pet Food, isn’t it time to switch?

At Paws Balance, we are fanatical about sourcing. All of our ingredients are human grade and many of the ingredients are organic.

We create all recipes by hand in small batches, overseeing every aspect of production personally. 

All of our products do not contain preservatives of any kind, BHA & BHT, artificial coloring and artificial anything. 


We have nothing to hide, nor should any brand of pet food you trust. You have a right to know what goes into your best friend’s food. 

People who feed their fur kids a fresh-food diet report seeing benefits almost immediately after making switch, including: 

    •    A shiny coat
    •    Improved digestion
    •    Increased energy
    •    Better weight management
    •    Fresher breath
    •    Clearer eyes
    •    Crazy excitement at mealtime

Below are a few of the ingredients we use at Paws Balance Pet Food, along with a few of their nutritive benefits. 


- Blueberries

- Kelp

- Carrots

- Eggs

- Kale

- Turmeric & Ginger

- Green lipped mussels 

- Anchovy

- Coconut Oil

Please visit this page often, as we are constantly searching out the healthiest ingredients and new recipes to add to our menu.