​In—house boarding

Different from traditional kennel boarding, darling paws provide a family based boarding environment. Doggies can make themselves at home instead of staying in a cage all day and feeling stressful. We walk the dog twice and half an hour each time to make sure they have enough exercise. Sometimes we take the dog to the beach to have fun or to dog park to have a nice bush walk. Doggies will not be locked out at the backyard. They are free to walk around and sleep indoor just like what they do at home. Our houses are air conditioned and fully fenced. Doggies will love our huge backyard and new doggy friend. Most dogs love company and playing with other dogs will definitely settle themselves down quickly. 


We believe all dog owners may concern about if their dogs are happy and safe. To make you feel relieved, you will get photo updates daily with detals of how your dog is doing everyday. Our in house boarding service is offered to limited number of dogs in order to make sure the safety and comform of each dog. Booking in advanced is highly appreciated and necessary especially during pulic holiday. 

​Price List

small dog:  $40/day


medium dog:  $45/day


large dog:  $55/day 


extra large dog:  $70/day