Positive reinforcement - We believe that being groomed should be a positive experience for your pet and so we offer lots of treats and affection during their stay to help relax nervous pups.

Freedom to express – If your dog does not like to stay in the cage, it will be fine! Your dog can be given space to roam and might stay with other playmates if you want.

Fresh and clean water - We do not use a hydrobath, as we prefer to use fresh, clean water for every pet.

Natural Shampoo - We use natural shampoos that are good for your dog's skin and hair.  We also use medicated flea treatments when needed and will use shampoos for sensitive skin with additional charges. 

High quality pet products - We are proud to offer top quality holistic dog food and treat for our clients. We also offer a range of high quality dog beds, toys, unique and stylish dog clothes, collars, leads and accessories with competitive price. Our staff with professional holistic pet heath care knowledge can assist you to choose the product that suits your friend the most. 

Why choose us 

“Regular happy customer. Our dog won Moocooboola dog of the year 2017 thanks to their wonderfully detailed groom! Very kind staff and recommend highly."  ​

Ryan Pool


“The girls who worked there are amazing... They know so much knowledge about animal care and fantastic pet grooming skills! My dog Sunny is anxious about being groomed before but he is very happy in this grooming salon. Highly recommend!."  ​

Bryan Deng,Mango's owner


“April is the best! She is so patiently and made my dog so fluffy.
If you are looking for a pet grooming where can treat your pet as their own, Darling Paws will be your best option."  ​


Senna, Biu biu's owner


“The girls at darling paws are bright! Always smiling and take good care of our baby lucky. lucky smells very good! Thanks for your lovely photo! we will be back."  ​

Kenya Scott, Lucky's owner


Grooming Service

Bath & Blow Dry

Bath and dry, brushing, nail clip, ear clean and trim around the eye.

  • Small Dogs ; From $43             (short hair from $38)  

  • Medium Dogs ; From $48         (short hair from $43)

  • Large Dogs ; From $58             (short hair from $53)

  • X-Large Dogs ; From $80         (short hair from $70)

  • Special Breed: Japanese Spize $55        Samoyed $75                                                      Husky $65                    Alaskan Malamute $125  

Bath & Tidy up

Bath and dry, brushing, nail clip, paw pads and hygiene area trimming, face tidy.

  • Small Dogs ; From $58

  • Medium Dogs ; From $68

  • Large Dogs ; From $80

  • X-Large Dogs ; From $90

Full Clip

Full Body Groom (Short haircuts)

  • Small Dogs ; From $78

  • Medium Dogs ; From $88

  • Large Dogs ; From $118

  • X-Large Dogs ; From $138                                                                                                             

Style / Breed Clip (scissor style cut as request)

  • Small Dogs ; From $98

  • Medium Dogs ; From $108

  • Large Dogs ; From $145

  • X-Large Dogs ; From $160       

Fur De-shedding

  • Medium Dogs ;  From $68

  • Large Dogs ; From $88

  • X-Large Dogs ; From $98

  • Cat; From $78

  • Special Breed: Japanese Spize $68        Samoyed $88                                                       Husky $88                    Alaskan Malamute $158  

Additional Services

  • Nail Clips ~ $15-25

  • Anal Gland Care ~ $20

  • Medicated Shampoo -   $10 Small-Medium Dogs /  $20-$30 Large Dogs

  • Flea Treatment - $10

  • Dematting - $20/20mins 

  • EAR CLEAN $20

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Please notes

Grooming extra pricing is determined and finalised upon the dog conditions (matted coat, thick coat or undercoat or length of coat and Client behaviour).